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Current Projects

  • Cellular mechanisms of phosphorus regulation in filamentous cyanobacteria (MEPHOR); May 2015-April 2018, funded by the "Forschungsstiftung Ostsee"

  • Quality, quantity and transformation of P losses from diffuse sources to the Baltic Sea; May 2015-May 2018, Project of the graduate school of the Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus, Phosphorforschung Rostock, supported by the Leibniz Association

  • Phosphorus transformation in the Benguela upwelling regions, IOW (Project group Upwelling 2009- ongoing)

Completed Projects

  • SOPRAN, Subproject 2:  Regulation (limitation) of growth and N2 fixation of cyanobacteria under the influence of elevated CO2 concentrations (2007- 2010) (Dissertation)

  • Regulation of nitrogen fixation and the  cyanobacteria development by physical and biological processes. Upwelling as P source for cyanobacteria. (Project groups "cyanobacteria" and upwelling)

  • BIOACID: Subproject 1.2.3. Turnover of organic matter - DOM availability and phosphorus utilization (2009-2012).

  • Phosphorus transformation im Benguela Upwelling Gebiet. SUCCESSION (2011-2012)