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Working Group "Physical-biogeochemical coupling of marine systems"

The group works on a broad range of subjects that cover mesoscale to basin-scale dynamics in the Baltic Sea and shelf ecosystems. We investigate processes ranging from the time scale of seconds (surface waves, turbulence) up to decades (inter-annual variability of dynamic processes). Our group combines expertise in field observations, numerical modeling and analytical theory.

Major research topics are:

  • Basin-scale transports and transformation of water masses in the Baltic Sea
  • Long term observations of the hydrographic conditions in the Baltic Sea
  • Process studies on marine turbulence
  • Upwelling dynamics and related processes in coastal and shelf ecosystems, e.g. the northern Benguela Upwelling System off Namibia
  • Ecosystem dynamics in Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZs), e.g. the northern Benguela Upwelling System off Namibia


In our research group we follow an interdisciplinary and process-oriented approach.

We contribute to the student teaching at the University of Rostock by giving lectures and practical courses.

Senior scientists:

Dr. Volker Mohrholz




Dr. Jens Faber

Dipl. Ing. Toralf Heene

Sebastian Beier


PhD students:


Master students:



Dr. M. Hadi Bordbar

Dr. Martin Schmidt

Dr. Hans Ulrich Lass

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fennel



Dr. Tim Junker

Lydia Siegfried

Dr. Anja Eggert

Dr. Fernanda Nascimento

Dr. Natalia Herran

Dr. Sadegh Yari