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Working group Remote Sensing and Marine Optics

Fields of expertise  are the use of satellite data in infrared and visible range of different spatial resolution and investigation of optical active water constituents in the ocean. Application of satellite data is focused on yearly development of Sea Surface Temperature of Baltic Sea since 1990 and resultant climatology, on dynamical processes and river discharge as well as development of phytoplankton blooms.
The results contribute to the  Annual Reports on the state of the Baltic Sea Environment and assessment  of environmental indicators in the frame of  HELCOM.

Optical studies concentrate on optical active water constituents ( chlorophyll, suspended matter, yellow substances) , their absorption  and  scattering properties and their influence on spectral refelctances as well as radiative transfer in the ocean. They applied for optical characterisation of water masses and for validation of satellite data and derived products.






  • Dipl.-Phys. Monika Gerth


  • Dr. Herbert Siegel
  • Dr. Thomas Ohde
  • Dr. Juliane Brust-Möbius
  • Iris Stottmeister