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Redox gradients


Studies of microbial communities in different redox gradients


Both groups are working about characterization of the structure and function of microbial communities within aquatic environments dominated by strong redox gradients. The German group is leading on investigations within pelagic redoxclines, whereas the Chinese partner deals with microbial communities within sediments and within hydrothermal vent chimneys (one of the leading groups in deep-sea microbiology in China).

Besides strong differences of the investigated habitats both groups have many in common as by resolving the structure of the different assemblages, as well as by an focus on functional aspects within these communities. The groups are using different approaches for reaching their goals. One of the ways of both groups is the isolation and characterization of key organisms for further physiological investigations.The aim of the project is to exchange different methods successfully used by the partner. This should be done during co-operative application of a certain technique to a set of samples. This exchange should facilitate investigation within new biotopes for both groups. An extensive exchange of ideas should create new joint projects.


  • project head
    Günter Jost