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Phage host systems


Phage host systems of marine bacteria (Vibrio species) and its application


Vibrio are ubiquitous in aquatic ecosystems. Many Vibrio species include strains which are pathogenic to animals in aquacultures, sometimes even humans. Antibiotics are quite common in control of such diseases. But because of increasing resistance of pathogenic bacteria against antibiotics phages seems to be an interesting alternative. Application of phage therapy against pathogens in aquacultures becomes reality.

According to variations in the host specificity and infectiousness of phages infecting the same and/or similar bacteria it seems necessary to compare different phages (if available) before its use in phage therapy. Based on existing Vibrio phage host systems (PHS) we develop a sensitive and robust method to estimate host concentrations at low abundances. Flow cytometric estimation of sensitive bacteria by application of stained phages is preferred instead of counting by epifluorescence microscopy. This method should be applied to pathogenic Vibrio and their phages isolated by the Chinese partner and tested for estimation of concentrations of these pathogens in aquaculture systems and within phage therapy applications.


  • head of the project
    Günter Jost