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Experiment Atlantic Zoo 11


General Information


Purpose of the Experiment

The purpose of the experiment is simulation of the nitrogen cycle in the Atlantic eastern boundary currents


Area and time coverage

  • regional model: 10°W - 18°E, 33°S - 8°N
  • initialisation time: 1999,07,20,0,0,0
  • first output time stamp: 1999.08.19
  • last output time stamp: 2009.07.27


Specific information

The model is integrated over about 10 model years. Important parameterisations:

  • positive mdfl swebe advection
  • kpp vertical mixing scheme
  • additional passive model tracer
  • Manizza shortwave radiation scheme - chlorophyll from ecosystem dynamics
  • wave model and resuspension of sediments enabled
  • the air pressure does not act onto the ocean


Specific namelist setup


Atmospheric forcing and OBC


  • Data.QuikSCAT daily winds combined with NCEP 6-haoutly data
  • NCEP amosphere temperature, pressure and humidity for heat flux and moisture flux calculation, NCEP precipitation
  • NCEP clouds for short wave radiation
  • baroclinic OBC: 10 day temperature and salinity from ECCO simulations
  • barotropic OBC: 12 hourly sea level from ECCO simulations


Known errors and shortcomings and corrections


  • zmax_pen=800 in ocean_shortwave_gfdl_nml is changed to zmax_pen=1800
  • dn_sed=0.001 in genus_nml is changed to dn_sed=0.002
  • near bottom mixing is too small. This results in too anoxic bottom cells.


Configuration files


  • [[%ATTACHURL%/input.nml][input.nml]]: input.nml
  • [[%ATTACHURL%/data_table][data_table]]: data_table
  • [[%ATTACHURL%/field_table][field_table]]: field_table


Storage of the results

No /genus2/experiments/atlantic_genus_9_zoo/workdir_11/ No


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