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Experiment Atlantic NCEP 2


General Information


Purpose of the Experiment

The purpose of the experiment is the investigation of the sensitivity of the upwelling in the Atlantic eastern boundary currents to the wind- and radiation forcing. Solar radiation is reduced, Bodin formula is used.


Area and time coverage

  • regional model: 10°W - 18°E, 33°S - 8°N
  • initialisation time: 1999,07,20,0,0,0
  • first output time stamp: 1999.07.21
  • last output time stamp: 2009.06.24


Specific information

The model is integrated over about 1 model years. Important parameterisations:

  • positive mdfl swebe advection
  • kpp vertical mixing scheme
  • additional passive model tracer
  • Manizza shortwave radiation scheme - chlorophyll from satellite data
  • wave model and resuspension of sediments enabled
  • tidal mixing switched on
  • the sea level air pressure does not act onto the ocean


Specific namelist setup


Atmospheric forcing and OBC


  • baroclinic OBC: 10 day temperature and salinity from ECCO simulations
  • barotropic OBC: 12 hourly sea level from ECCO simulations


Known errors and shortcomings and corrections


  • zmax_pen=800 in ocean_shortwave_gfdl_nml is changed to zmax_pen=1800


Configuration files


  • [[%ATTACHURL%/input.nml][input.nml]]: input.nml
  • [[%ATTACHURL%/data_table][data_table]]: data_table
  • [[%ATTACHURL%/field_table][field_table]]: field_table
  • [[%ATTACHURL%/diag_table][diag_table]]: diag_table


Output Variables

xu_ocean ucell longitude
yu_ocean ucell latitude
time time
nv vertex number
xt_ocean tcell longitude
yt_ocean tcell latitude
st_ocean tcell zstar depth
st_edges_ocean tcell zstar depth edges
sw_ocean ucell zstar depth
sw_edges_ocean ucell zstar depth edges
drag_coeff Dimensionless bottom drag coefficient
geolon_t tracer longitude
geolat_t tracer latitude
geolon_c uv longitude
geolat_c uv latitude
area_t tracer cell area
area_u velocity cell area
ht ocean depth on t-cells
hu ocean depth on u-cells
dzt t-cell thickness
eta_t surface height on T cells [Boussinesq (volume conserving) model]
eta_u surface height on U cells
eta_t_bar surface height on T cells averaged over bar loop
mld mixed layer depth determined by density criteria
hblt T-cell boundary layer depth from KPP
urhod depth and density weighted u
vrhod depth and density weighted v
runoff mass flux of liquid river runoff entering ocean
windx_wave zonal wind speed for waves
windy_wave meridional wind speed for waves
xmom zonal wave momentum
ymom meridional wave momentum
height significant wave height
wave_p peak frequency
wave_k wave number
wave_s wave skin friction velocity
wave_u wave friction velocity
iter number of ustar iterations
current_wave_stress combined current wave bottom stress
temp Potential temperature
salt Practical Salinity
u i-current
v j-current
wrhot rho*dia-surface velocity T-points
passive_angola passive (angola)
passive_south passive (south)
passive_south1 passive (south1)
passive_north passive (north)
age_global Age (global)
average_T1 Start time for average period
average_T2 End time for average period
average_DT Length of average period
time_bounds time axis boundaries


Storage of the results

No /silod2/models/south_atlantic/atlantic_genus_10_ncep_nobio/workdir_2/

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