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MGF-Ostsee: DAM Pilotmission - Schutzgebiete Ostsee: Auswirkungen des Ausschlusses mobiler grundberührender Fischerei in marinen Schutzgebieten


The Benguela Upwelling System under Climate Change – Effects of Variability in Physical Forcing on Carbon and Oxygen Budgets


Impact of lateral intrusions and mixing on the biogeochemistry and microbiology of pelagic redoxclines (DFG)

Microbial diversity and function within the salinity gradient of the Baltic Sea (DFG)


Organic matter production and transformation and its influence on organic aerosols and maritime clouds


Ehemalige Projekte

ATKIM Abbaubarkeit von arktischem, terrigenem Kohlenstoff im Meer (WGL-PAKT)

BIOACID-II Biological Impact of Ocean Acidification (BMBF)

MOCA Microbial Oceanography of ChemolithoAutrotrophic planktonic Communities (DFG)

Protozoen Diversity, phylogeny and ecological role of heterotrophic protists in the pelagic redoxcline of the central Baltic Sea (DFG)

SOPRAN 2.2 Surface Ocean Processes in the Anthropocene (BMBF)

Tembi Klimagetriebene Veränderungen der Biodiversität von Mikrobiota (WGL-PAKT)

CHEMO I +II Distribution and activity of chemolithoautotrophic microorganisms in Baltic pelagic redoxclines (DFG)

Aquashift I - III The impact of climate variability on aquatic ecosystems (DFG)

DAAD-Chemoauto Chemoautotrophic bacteria in pelagic systems (DAAD)

MIMAS Mikrobielle Interaktionen in Marinen Systemen (BMBF)

BIOACID-I Biological Impact of Ocean Acidification (BMBF)

REAL RNA expression of aquatic communities (WGL-PAKT)

FILGAS Function of surface microlayers for the sea-atmosphere exchange of trace gases (WGL-PAKT)