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Ingo Schuffenhauer - Publications

  • 2003
    • Zülicke, C., E. Hagen, A. Stips, I. Schuffenhauer and O. Hennig (2003). Surface mixed-layer dynamics. In: Proceedings of the Baltic Marine Science Conference : Roenne, Denmark, 22-26 Oct. 1996. Ed. by H. Dahlin , B. Dybern and S. Petersson. Copenhagen: Int. Council Explor. Sea (ICES coop. res. rep. ; 257): 307-312
  • 1996
    • ZÜLICKE, C., I. SCHUFFENHAUER AND A. STIPS (1996). Baltic measurements of turbulence in the surface mixed layer. GOBEX-Summary Report. Warnemünde: Institut für Ostseeforschung. (Meereswissen-schaftliche Berichte; 19): 76-91

Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation