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Dr. Carolin Paul - Präsentationen


ASLO (2021), virtuell: C. Paul, U. Sommer, B. Matthiessen

Composition and dominance of edible and inedible size classes and groups predict responses to elevated temperature and CO2 of Baltic Sea summer communities

ASLO (2015), Granada (Spain): C. Paul, B. Matthiessen, U. Sommer

Warming and enhanced CO2 affect phytoplankton summer blooms in the Baltic Sea

15th Scientific Conference of Phycology (2014), Stralsund (Germany): C. Paul, B. Matthiessen, U. Sommer

Warming affects phytoplankton biomass quantitatively and qualitatively

BIOACID Annual Meeting (2014), Rostock (GERMANY): J. Garzke, C. Paul, S. Ismar, U. Sommer

Multi-stressor responses of plankton communities in two indoor mesocosms

BIOACID Annual Meeting (2013), Kiel (GERMANY): J. Garzke, C. Paul, U. Sommer

Temperature and CO2 changes affect quality and quantity of the planctonic food web

14th Scientific Conference of Phycology (2012), Wuppertal (GERMANY): C. Paul, R. Schumann, M. Feike

Nutrients and phytoplankton diversity



11th Baltic Sea Science Meeting (BBSC,2017), Rostock (GERMANY): C. Paul, U. Sommer, J. Garzke, M. Moustaka-Guini, A. Paul, B. Matthiessen

Future Warming can alter trophic relations in the plankton food web

JASM (2014), Portland (USA): C. Paul, B. Matthiessen, U. Sommer

Warming but not enhanced CO2 quantitatively and qualitatively affects phytoplankton biomass

BIOACID Annual Meeting (2013), Kiel (GERMANY): U. Sommer, C. Paul, M. Moustaka-Gouni

Phytoplankton response to warming and CO2 increase during the 1rst indoor  mesocosm experiment

SAME (2011), Rostock (GERMANY): C. Paul, R. Schumann, M. Feike

Phytoplankton diversity and nutrients in mesocosms