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Peer reviewed articles


Lenz, R., & Labrenz, M. (2018). Small Microplastic Sampling in Water: Development of an Encapsulated Filtration Device. Water, 10(8), 1055.  Open Access


Enders, K., Lenz, R., Beer, S., & Stedmon, C. A. (2016). Extraction of microplastic from biota: recommended acidic digestion destroys common plastic polymers. ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal Du Conseil, fsw173.  Open Access


Lenz, R., Enders, K., & Nielsen, T. G. (2016). Microplastic exposure studies should be environmentally realistic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(29), E4121–E4122.  Open Access


Lenz, R., Enders, K., Stedmon, C. A., MacKenzie, D. M. A., & Nielsen, T. G. (2015). A critical assessment of visual identification of marine microplastic using Raman spectroscopy for analysis improvement. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 100(1), 82–91.  Closed Access, please email me¹


Enders, K., Lenz, R., Stedmon, C. A., & Nielsen, T. G. (2015). Abundance, size and polymer composition of marine microplastics ≥ 10 μm in the Atlantic Ocean and their modelled vertical distribution. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 100(1), 70–81.  Closed Access, please email me¹



¹ non-open access papers: simply email me to request a copy




Reports and conference contributions


Strand, J., Bach, L., Cusa, M., & Lenz, R. (2018). Importance of Local Source Versus Long-Range Transport of Marine Litter in Arctic Greenland. In Sixth International Marine Debris Conference (6IMDC) (p. 2018). San Diego, California, USA. Retrieved from


Hassellöv, M., Karlsson, T., Mattsson, K., Magnusson, K., Strand, J., Lenz, R., … Eidsvoll, D. P. (2017). Progress towards monitoring of microlitter in Scandinavian marine environments – state of knowledge and challenges.


Lenz, R., Enders, K., Beer, S., Sørensen, T. K., & Stedmon, C. A. (2016). Analysis of microplastic in the stomachs of herring and cod from the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Naturstyrelsen.