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University formal issues

1. Enrolment for PhD courses at the University of Rostock
For that you bring offically attested copies from your degrees and transcripts translated in English or German. These documents have a so called "Apostille stamp" that can only be given by your home authorities. Find out more information here: "Apostille Convention"
The Student Service Center of the University of Rostock set up a website of how the enrolment is realised:
Note 1: Normally you enrol to the Institute of Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF).
Note 2: You must hand in all documents originally (with the original stamp) and they will be kept at the University. You do NOT get these back.
Note 3: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Student Service Center is closed for public visitors (Parkstrasse 6, 18057 Rostock) at the moment. For questions and enrolments you must send the documents via mail to:
Student Service Center                             
University of Rostock
18051 Rostock
2. Semester ticket

After having registered and enrolled at the University of Rostock you will receive a semester ticket, that at the moment costs 202,50 Euro and includes the also the ticket for the regional public transport for one semester, reduced prices at the canteen, etc. 
3. Equivalence of degrees
Please check in advance if your degrees are equivalent to the ones from the University of Rostock.
If not, you might have to take courses. You can already check yourself on the anabin website, an information portal covering foreign educational achievements, if your degrees are equivalent. Your supervisor, secretary or latest the Student Service Center will help you with the website that is only available in German.

4. Application for admission
The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) has set up a "Guide to doctorate procedure at the MNF" This is a very helpful document for organising your dissertation and stay in Rostock.
Note 1: By the time for applying for admission you will AGAIN need attested copies and translations of your degrees with the Apostille stamp.
5. German language course
According to the PhD regulations you also need a certification for German language (i.e. language course). The level of knowledge is not specified (see the attached file). You can take courses at the university (
Also the IOW offers German courses during working hours. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the courses might take place irregularly. Please contact your supervisor.
6. PhD representatives at IOW
There is an active group of PhD representatives at IOW. The contacts and activities can be found on the IOW-Intranet.