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University formal issues

1. You need to register to the University of Rostock.

For that you will need copies from your degrees and transcripts translated in English.
The EU students also the apostille stamp!
You will have to deliver the original documents first, but then you can take them back.
And you should take them because you will need them to step no. 3.

2. You will need to check if your degrees are equivalent to the ones from the University of Rostock.
If not you will need to take courses so it is better to know as soon as possible.

3. Then you will have to register to Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät (MNF - faculty) at the Institute of Physics. There you need:

  • Copies from your degrees and transcripts(again)
  • a (printed) copy from your master thesis, preferably in English
  • "Application for admission" form - download here: page 1, page 2

4. According to the PhD regulations you also need a certification for German language (i.e. language course). The level of knowledge is not specified (see the attached file). You can take courses at the university.

The link is: