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Lloyd Reese, M. Sc.

Lloyd Reese
Photo: Dagmar Amm
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock
+49 381 5197 0
+49 381 5197 440


PhD student within the interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group "Baltic TRANSCOAST" (

  • Estuarine exchange flow
  • Estuarine salt mixing
  • Numerical simulations of the coastal ocean using GETM (

Within the scope of my thesis, my research focus lies on the physics of estuaries. These are transitional water bodies such as river mouths, where terrestrial freshwater mixes with marine saltwater. My specialty are the processes that drive this mixing of fresh and salty water masses as well as the estuarine circulation in both, Euclidian and salinity space. To this end, I create and apply realistic and idealised numerical simulations of coastal water bodies that run with the coastal ocean model GETM.

Member of the IOW working group Estuarine and coastal ocean processes (ECOP)