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Dr. Natalie Loick-Wilde

Natalie Loick - Wilde
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock
Phone: +49 381 5197 206
Fax: +49 381 5197 440

Reviewer for
Limnology and Oceanography
Frontiers in Microbiology
Marine Chemistry
Deep-Sea Research I
Marine Ecology Progress Series
Journal of Plankton Research
Journal of Marine Systems
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies

ASLO-Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
GASIR-German Association for Stable Isotope Research

Social outreach

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Research Interest

  • Aquatic Food Webs
  • Marine nitrogen, carbon, amino acid cycles
  • Phyto- and Zooplankton ecophysiology
  • Bulk and compound-specific stable isotope ecology


  • Collaborative Research: Impact of the Amazon River Plume on nitrogen availability and planktonic food web dynamics in the Western Tropical North Atlantic, NSF (01.05.2018-31.02.2020). Position: Co-PI
  • Zooplankton energy turnover in a changing environment (ZET Change)
  • Zooplankton assoziierte Methanproduktion (ZooM)

Recent Cooperation Partners

Prof. Dr. Joseph Montoya (GATECH, USA), Prof. Dr. Deborah Steinberg (VIMS, USA), Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dittmar (MPI Bremen), Dr. Matthias Gehre (UFZ), Dr. Anja Miltner (UFZ), Dr. Joerg Dutz (DTU-Aqua, Denmark), Dr. Marja Koski (DTU-Aqua, Denmark), Dr. Werner Ekau (ZMT), Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hagen (Uni Bremen), Prof. Dr. Detlef Schulz Bull (IOW), PD Dr. Maren Voss (IOW), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bathmann (IOW)