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Marvin Lorenz

Marvin Lorenz
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock
+49 381 5197 154
+49 381 5197 114

My research

My research focuses on studying the physics of estuaries and coastal seas. I use numerical models to perform idealized and realistic simulations to better understand driving machanisms and interactions. Special interest lies on the Total Exchange Flow theory (TEF) which can be used to describe the exchange flow of an estuary with the ambient ocean in terms of bulk values. Furthermore, I am interested in the effect of surface waves on currents, turbulence and sediments transport.

My study regions include the Baltic Sea, the Huetelmoor, the Persian Gulf and the Glacier fjord of the 79°N glacier (see project GROCE).

My current focus:

  • Numerical properties of TEF
  • Realistic hind-cast simulations of the Persian Gulf with focus on the exchange flow
  • Mixing (destruction of salinity variance) in inverse estuaries
  • 2D idelaized simulations of a Glacier fjord
  • Wave-current-turbulence-sediment interactions in shallow water (see Baltic TRANSCOAST)
  • Hind-cast simulations of the Huetelmoor flodding in 2019 (see Baltic TRANSCOAST)


Lorenz, M., Klingbeil, K., and Burchard, H. (2020). Numerical study of the exchange flow of the Persian Gulf using an extended Total Exchange Flow analysis framework. JGR Oceans, 125, e2019JC015527.