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Mira Schmitt

  Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
  Seestrasse 15
  D-18119 Rostock
  +49 381 5197 0
  +49 381 5197 440


During my phd in the Physical Oceanography department I am working on improving climate models. The ocean is one of the key components in global climate models and to be able to get the most accurate long term predictions, small scale processes have to be included in the form of parametrizations.

Therefore, I am looking at so called Diurnal Warm Layers and Rain Layers in the tropics, which occur on a sunny day when the sun heats up the ocean surface and after rain fall. I will be using coupled models to study the feedbacks between atmosphere and ocean due to these processes.

My phd is part of the DFG-funded project

TRR-181, subproject L4

My working group: AG Turbulence and small-scale Processes

Short CV

2016-2019: M. Sc. Astro- and Geophysics, University of Goettingen

2017-2018: Internship on sea ice research at the University of Otago, New Zealand

2012-2015: B. Sc. Physics, University of Goettingen