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Dr. Janika Reineccius

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   Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
   Seestrasse 15
   D-18119 Rostock
   +49 381 5197 427
   +49 381 5197 302


During my Ph.D. and already during my M.Sc. thesis at the IOW, I have been working on the development of detection methods for microplastics in the marine system. Currently, there is no standardized method for the detection of microplastics, which is still a major problem for microplastics researchers as the comparability between studies is limited.

In the following years of my PhD, I analyzed sample series from long-term observations in the deep subtropical Northeast Atlantic and dealt with the issue of the slow weathering process of plastics in the aquatic system.  

Now and in the future, the interaction between microplastics and other important marine micropollutants will be my main mission.