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Dr. Jérôme Kaiser

Vorname Nachname
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock
+49 381 5197 3414
+49 381 5197 352


I am in charge of the laboratory for biomarker analysis (ASE; GC; GC-MS; HPLC-APCI-MS) at the IOW. I am interested in the development of molecular organic proxies and their application in sediment cores from lake, fjord and marine systems for paleoenvironmental reconstructions (e.g. sea/air surface temperature, sea surface salinity, primary production, redox, sea ice, humidity, rainfall, vegetation, etc.) at glacial/interglacial timescales. I am working in different areas including the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Equatorial Atlantic and the South Pacific. I'm also working in lakes from Turkey, Germany and Poland.

Method for biomarker analysis
Organic geochemistry and biomarker lab at the IOW
Illustration of the biomarker tool