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Dr. Svenja Papenmeier

Svenja Papenmeier
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock
+49 381 5197 371
+49 381 5197 352


  • Hydroacoustic habitat mapping in North and Baltic Seas and in North Siberian lagoon systems
  • Development of hydroacoustic mapping standards for marine sediments and bedforms: Guideline for Seafloor Maping – BSH – Nr: 7201
  • Creation of standardized sediment distribution maps on basis of backscatter mosaics for the German North Sea: GeoSeaPortal
  • Development of automatized procedures to map stones
  • Coastal dynamics and long term analysis of dynamic bedforms (German Bight)
  • Characteristics and dynamics of sediments and suspended matter in estuaries (Elbe, Ems, Weser)
  • Marine geology and sediment dynamics: Paleogeography and sedimentary infill of the Paleo Elbe Valley, postglacial development of the North Sea bed (Sylter Außenriff)