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Journal articles

  • Fofonova, V., T. Kärnä, K. Klingbeil, A. Androsov, I. Kuznetsov, D. Sidorenko, S. Danilov, H. Burchard, K. H. Wiltshire (2021) Plume spreading test case for coastal ocean models. Geoscientific Model Development Discuss.. 10.5194/gmd-2020-438.
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  • Bauer, T. P., P. L. Holtermann, B. Heinold, H. Radtke, O. Knoth, K. Klingbeil (2021) ICONGETM v1.0 -- flexible NUOPC-driven two-way coupling via ESMF exchange grids between the unstructured-grid atmosphere model ICON and the structured-grid coastal ocean model GETM. Geoscientific Model Development. 10.5194/gmd-14-4843-2021.
  • Schulz, K., K. Klingbeil, C. Morys, T. Gerkema (2020) The fate of mud nourishment in response to short-term wind forcing. Estuaries and Coasts. 10.1007/s12237-020-00767-4.
  • Chegini, F., P. Holtermann, O. Kerimoglu, M. Becker, M. Kreus, K. Klingbeil, U. Gräwe, C. Winter, H. Burchard (2020) Processes of stratification and de-stratification during an extreme river discharge event in the German Bight ROFI. Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans). 10.1029/2019JC015987.
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  • Osinski, R.D., K. Enders, U. Gräwe, K. Klingbeil, H. Radtke (2020) Model uncertainties of a storm and their influence on microplastics and sediment transport in the Baltic Sea. Ocean Science. 10.5194/os-16-1491-2020.
  • Kerimoglu, O., Y. G. Voynova, F. Chegini, H. Brix, U. Callies, R. Hofmeister, K. Klingbeil, C. Schrum, J. E. E. van Beusekom (2020) Interactive impacts of meteorological and hydrological conditions on the physical and biogeochemical structure of a coastal system. Biogeosciences. 10.5194/bg-17-5097-2020.
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  • Klingbeil, K., J. Becherer, E. Schulz, H. E. de Swart, H. M. Schuttelaars, A. Valle-Levinson, H. Burchard (2019) Thickness-Weighted Averaging in tidal estuaries and the vertical distribution of the Eulerian residual transport. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 10.1175/JPO-D-18-0083.1.
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Book chapters

  • Klingbeil, K., H. Burchard, S. Danilov, C. Goetz, A. Iske (2019) Reducing Spurious Diapycnal Mixing in Ocean Models. In: Eden, C. and A. Iske (eds) Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean. Mathematics of Planet Earth, vol 1. Springer. 10.1007/978-3-030-05704-6_8.
  • Rybicki, M., C. Moldaenke, K. Rinke, H. Dahlhaus, K. Klingbeil, P. L. Holtermann, W. Hu, H.-Z. Wang, H. Wang, M. Liu, J. Zhu, Z. Ye, Z. Peng, B. Boehrer, D. Jungmann, T. U. Berendonk, O. Kolditz, M. A. Frassl (2019) WP-C: A Step Towards Secured Drinking Water: Development of an Early Warning System for Lakes. In: Sachse et al. (eds) Chinese Water Systems. Terrestrial Environmental Sciences. Springer. 10.1007/978-3-319-97568-9_5.

Invited Talks

  • The General Estuarine Transport Model -- Recent Developments. Danish Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography (FCOO), Copenhagen (DK), Apr 2017
  • Turning GOTM into a lake model. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Department of Lake Research, Magdeburg (GER), Jan 2016
  • Quantification of spurious dissipation and mixing - Discrete Variance Decay in a Finite-Volume framework. HydroSeminar, University of Bergen (NOR), Sep 2014

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Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems; Ocean Modelling; Continental Shelf Research; Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology; Ocean Dynamics; Parallel Computing