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Kristina Enders - Publikationen

- peer-reviewed -

Extraction of microplastic from biota: recommended acidic digestion destroys common plastic   polymers / Enders, K.; Lenz, R.; Beer, S.; Stedmon, C. A. ; ICES. (2016). Scientific Paper.

Microplastic exposure studies should be environmentally realistic / Lenz, R.; Enders, K.; Nielsen, T.G.; PNAS. (2016)., Letter to Editor.

Abundance, Size and Polymer Composition of Marine Microplastics ≥10 μm in the Atlantic Ocean and their Modelled Vertical Distribution / Enders, K.; Lenz, R.; Stedmon, C. A.; Nielsen, T. G.; Marine Pollution Bulletin. (2015). Scientific paper.

A Critical Assessment of Visual Identification of Marine Microplastic Using Raman Spectroscopy for Analysis Improvement / Lenz, R.; Enders, K.; Stedmon, C. A.; Mackenzie, D. M. A; Nielsen, T. G. ; Marine Pollution Bulletin. (2015). Scientific paper.



- reporte -

Proposal to eliminate MP beads from cosmetics and on the outphasing of plastic bags in Nordic countries / Enders, K.; Danish delegation of the Nordic Council. (2017). Invited opinion report. 

Analysis of microplastic in fish stomachs of pelagic and demersal fish from the North Sea and Baltic / Lenz, R.; Enders, K.; Beer, S.; Sørensen, T. K. ; Stedmon, C. A., Naturstyrelsen. (2016). Report.

Et hav fuld af mikroplastik. / Enders, K.; Lenz, R.; Sørensen, T. K.; Reeh, L.; Nielsen, T. G.,  Aktuel Naturvidenskab, No. 2, p. 8-13. (2015). Popular Science Article.

Analyse af marint affald i sild og hvilling fra det nordlige Storebælt. / Sørensen, T.; Stedmon, C. A.; Enders, K.; Henriksen, O. 12 p. Naturstyrelsen (Danish Nature Agency). (2013). Report.