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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Glockzin - Professional activities


  • Glockzin, M, Zettler, M.L. (2008): Which factors cause benthic diversity in an low salinity environment? An approach to estimate species response. Proceedings of the MARBEF World Congress on Biodiversity, Valencia, Session 1.10, p.18

  • Glockzin M (2008): Impact of particle-specific sinking on particle spectra and mass balances in the Central Baltic Sea - a short introduction to my PhD Thesis. International Summer School in Turbulence, Plankton and Marine Snow, 2008 in Vilanova, Spain

  • Glockzin M (2008): SOPRAN Baltic 2007 - sediment trap data. Results presentation from SOPRAN 2007 mesocosm experiments, Annual SOPRAN Meeting, ifm-geomar, Kiel

  • Gogina M, Glockzin M, Zettler ML (2009): Predictive modelling of benthic macrofauna distribution: Example of environmental settings in the western Baltic Sea, Proceedings of the BSCC Congress, 17.-21.08.2009, Tallinn, Session O66, p. 91

Poster presentations

  • Glockzin, M. Pollehne, F., Rossoll, D., Krug, S., Czerny, J., Büdenbender, J., Schulz, K., Meyerhöfer, M., Ludwig, A., Fritsche, P., Riebesell, U., Engel, A., Piontek, J., Sperling, M., Haendel, N. (2010): Sedimentation under altered environmental conditions – sediment trap results from the 2009 SOPRAN Baltic offshore mesocosm experiment. 3rd SOPRAN Meeting, Hamburg, 23.-24.03.2010
  • Glockzin, M., Dellwig, O., Pollehne, F. (2009): Setting velocities of authigenic minerals at pelagic redoxclines of anoxic basins: An experimental approach. In: Book of Abstracts, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nice, France, p. 95

  • Glockzin M, Pollehne F. (2009): S(e)izing particles - methods and results from the 2008 SOPRAN Baltic offshore mesocosm experiment and affiliated works, Annual SOPRAN Meeting, ifm-geomar, Kiel, 19.03.2009

  • Glockzin M, Pollehne F. (2008): Particles in mesocosms - result from the SOPRAN Baltic 2007 offshore mesocosm experiment. Annual SOPRAN Meeting, IOW, Warnemünde, 11/12 March 2008

  • Zettler ML, Röhner M, Frankowski J, Glockzin M, Glockzin I. FFH- Biosphere-types "Reef" and "Sandbank" in the german exclusiv economic zone (AWZ) of the Baltic - Presentation and assessment of the macrobenthos. Marine nature conservancy 2004 - A Conference in the German Marine Museum Stralsund. 30.11. - 03.12.2004

  • Orlikowska A, Ludwig A, Riebesell U, Glockzin M, Wodarg D, Schulz-Bull D (2009): Volatile halogenated organic compounds (VHOCs) and dimethylsulfide (DMS) in water during an off-shore mesocosm experiment in the Baltic Sea. In: Book of Abstracts, SOLAS Open Science Conference 2009, Barcelona, Spain, p. 64


  • ASLO (2009) – Students Travel Award, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nice, France.

Research cruises

  • since 2004: 
      16 weeks on RV P.A. PENCK, Baltic Sea
      12 weeks on RV ALKOR and RV HEINCKE, Baltic Sea & North Atlantic (Svalbard)
      2 weeks on RV POSEIDON, Baltic Sea
      2 weeks on RV MARIA S. MERIAN, Baltic Sea
      10 weeks on RV METEOR, Baltic Sea, Antlantic (Namibia)
      selected cruise purposes:         
      -  ICOS  (LGR  sensor/equilibrator)  /  CRDS  (Picarro)  -  procurement,
         logistics,   construction,   technical   support,   measurement   and   data
         management in lab and during research cruises on the Baltic Sea
      - sediment trap development and deployment (e.g. FOILTRAP in KOSMOS mesocosms)
      - underwater camera deployment (e.g. PART-EYE)
      - offshore mesocosm experiments (Project SOPRAN 1)
      -  in-situ  testing  and  deployment  of  marine  measuring  instruments  (e.g.
        UW camera & sediment trap prototypes, methods, ICOS/CRD sensors)
      - benthological survey and habitat mapping