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pycnv is an open source Python toolbox to read and process Seabird cnv files. The source code and more documentation can be found HERE on github.

Seabird CTD are used for many decades as the standard CTD-Systen at the IOW and are valued for their accuracy and long term stability. The main purpose of pycnv is to create a standardised interface for slightly differing naming conventions of sensors in the cnv files and the usage of the Gibb Sea Water Toolbox (gsw) for the calculation of all derived parameters as practical salinity, absolute salinity, potential and conservative temperature or density. For this purpose pycnv does only need pressure, conductivity and temperature, all other properties will be derived from these. Furthermore pycnv will take care for a different absolute salinity computation in the Baltic Sea, by automatically checking of a cast was made in the Baltic Sea and choosing the correct function.

Ocean Data Logger

Ocean Data Logger

The Ocean Data Logger (ODL) is an in-house developed system designed to sample at frequencies needed to resolve turbulent processes in the ocean

The IOW developed Ocean Data Logger closes a gap of available data loggers in the oceanographic community. The purpose of the logger is a versatile, flexible and low power logger capable to sample sensors at frequencies needed to resolve turbulent processes in the ocean. For more information see the homepage of the ocean data logger.