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Prof. Dr. Gregor Rehder - Curriculum vitae

1993              Diploma (M.Sci.), University of Bayreuth
1996              Ph.D., University of Kiel
1993 - 1996  Ph.D. student at the Graduate School "Dynamic of Global Cycles within the System
    Earth", Joined Institution of the Christian-Albrecht-University, Kiel, and the GEOMAR
    Research Center
1997 - 2000  Research Associate at the GEOMAR Research Center, Kiel, Department of Marine
    Environmental Geology (Prof. Dr. Erwin Suess)
2000 - 2001  Science Postdoctoral Fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Moss
    Landing, California, U.S.A.
2001 - 2006  Assistent professor at the "Leibniz Institut für Meeresforschung" Kiel
    (IFM-GEOMAR), Department of Marine Geosystems (former GEOMAR Research
    Center, Department of Environmetal Geology)
since 2006    Professor for Marine Chemistry and vice head of the Department of Marine Chemistry
    at the "Leibniz Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde an der Universität Rostock"
Ph.D. student supervision
Dr. Susan Mau, 2002 - 2005: Methane output from cold seep structures along the Central American
continental margin, Ph.D. in January 2005.
Dr. Oliver Schmale, 2003 - 2006: Methane fluxes and inventories related to active gas venting in the
Black Sea, Ph.D. im Dezember 2006.
Dr. Nikolaus Bigalke, 2005 - 2008: Constraining hydrate-mediated transfer of the greenhouse
                    gases CO2 and CH4 to the ocean at controlled thermodynamic and hydrodynamic
                    conditions, Ph.D. in December 2008.
Dr. Wanda Gülzow, 2009 - 2012: Methane transport and seasonal fluxes in the Baltic,
                    Ph.D. 2012.
Frank Schellig: Geochemical and biomarker investigations at cold seep structures along the
Central American Continental margin, started 06/06 - aborted.
Gunnar Jakobs: Aerobic und anaerobic methane turnover in the water column of the central
          Baltic Sea (Gotland-Deep und Landsort-Deep): started 02/11.
Stine Kedzior: Transport and phase transitions of marine ultra-high CO2 systems: started 11/11.
Professional memberships
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Network Future Ocean (Kiel)