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Prof. Dr. Helge Wolfgang Arz - Projects

ongoing projects


BaltRap: The Baltic Sea and its southern Lowlands: proxy – environment interactions in times of Rapid change. Funded by the Leibniz Association


SECOS II: The service of sediments and the coastal sea in the German Baltic. Funded by the BMBF



completed projects


 DynNAP (SPP 1266 INTERDYNAMIK): Dynamics of Mid-latitude/Mediterranean climate during the last 150 ka: Black Sea/Northern Anatolian Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions. Funded by the DFG.


HoloPark (SPP 1266 INTERDYNAMIK): Paleoenvironmental reconstructions from Chilean lake, fjord, and marine sediments and paleoclimate modelling with special emphasis on variations of the westerly wind belt during the Holocene. Funded by the DFG.


Kohsak: Factors controlling fluxes and coastal aquatic storage of carbon at the superhumid continental margin of the southern Andes. Funded by the DFG.


REMMlab: Partikelforschung im marinen Milieu – REM-Mikroanalyselabor. Funded by the BMBF.


Black Sea: Biological/biogeochemical processes and elemnt fluxes at the Black Sea pelagic redoxcline, sedimentation processes and the Late Holocene development of the system. Funded by the IB-BMBF.


SECOS: The Service of Sediments in German Coastal Seas. Funded by the BMBF