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Mariano Santoro - Talks and Posters


POSTER - Santoro M., Hagemann M., Labrenz M. Which role plays inorganic phosphate in the development of cyanobacterial summer blooms? 4th International Symposium of the Leibniz Science Campus Phosphorus Research Rostock (P-Campus), Rostock, Germany (November 2019)


POSTER - Santoro M., Beets K., Simons V., Lara Y., Durieu B., Javauz E., Jacques P., Cornet L., Baurain D., Wilmotte A. The BCCM/ULC collection of cyanobacteria in the spotlight at ULiège. Journée du Centre Interuniversitaire de Biologie Marine (CIBIM), Liège, Belgium (November 2018)

POSTER - Santoro M., Beets K., Lara Y., Durieu B., Simons V., Wilmotte A. BCCM/ULC: a unique Biological Resource Center of (sub)polar cyanobacteria. Eurocpean Culture Collections Organization Meeting, Moscow, Russia (September 2018)

POSTER - Santoro M., Chaerle P., Lara Y., Durieu B., Beets K., Chepurnova O. Simons V., Vyverman W., Wilmotte A. Keeping microalgae safe and available. Algal Research for Policy making Symposium 2018, Oban, Scotland (May 2018)