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Matthias Labrenz - Projekte

Laufende Projekte

P-Campus Teilprojekt: The role of inorganic phosphate supply on the development of cyanobacterial summer blooms in the Baltic Sea
Leibniz Association (2019-2023)

BONUS MICROPOLL: Multilevel assessment of microplastics and associated pollutants in the Baltic Sea
BONUS (2017-2020)

MicroCatch_Balt: Untersuchung der Mikroplastik Senken- und Quellen von einem typischen Einzugsgebiet bis in die offene Ostsee
BMBF (2017-2020) PI

PLASTRAT: Lösungsstrategien zur Verminderung von Einträgen von urbanem Plastik in limnische Systeme
BMBF (2017-2020)

ECOLOC: Environmental change affecting COastal ecosystems of tropical China during the Anthropocene: Landward vs. OCeanic influence
BMBF (2015-2018) PI


Beendete Projekte

BONUS BLUEPRINT: Biological lenses using gene prints
BONUS (2014-2018) WP leader

BONUS AFISmon: Development of an autonomous multisampler system for the monitoring of biogeochemical processes
BONUS (2014-2017) PI

Vibrio-MV: Habitate und Diversität potentiell pathogener Vibrionen an der Ostseeküste von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Vibrionen vor M-V)
Forschungsstiftung Ostsee (2015-2017)

INA: Development of innovative instruments for the implementation of autonomus systems used for the analysis of microbial activities in pelagic aquatic habitats
BMBF (2014-2017) PI

MicroFUN: Bacterial diversity and function within the salinity gradient of the Baltic Sea
DFG (2012-2015) Co-PI

Bioacid II: Responses and adaptations of heterotrophic and chemoautotrophic prokaryotic key players to a high CO2 world
BMBF (2012-2015) Co-PI

MikrOMIK: The role of microplastics as vector for microbial populations in the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea
Leibniz Association SAW/PAKT Program (2014-2017) PI

MIMAS: The role of microorganisms in the marine nutrient cycle
BMBF (2008-2011) Co-PI

CHEMOII: Distribution and activity of chemolithoautotrophic microorganisms in Baltic pelagic redoxclines
DFG (2008-2010) PI

REAL: RNA - Expression of microbial aquatic communities
Leibniz Association SAW/PAKT Program (2008-2010) Project coordinator

CHEMO: Distribution and activity of chemolithoautotrophic microorganisms in Baltic pelagic redoxclines
DFG (2006-2008) PI

Abundance and distribution of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in the central Baltic Sea
DFG (2006) PI


Forschungsprogramm 2013-2023