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Dr. Oliver Schmale - Curriculum vitae

Oliver Schmale, PhD


      Born 29 May 1972 in Hamburg, Germany, three children


Main research focus


  • chemical oceanography
  • pelagic methane cycle with focus on redox-gradients
  • methane gas exchange between surface water and atmosphere
  • benthopelagic transport mechanisms at methane seeps
  • mechanisms controlling subsurface methane anomalies (“ocean methane paradox”)
  • gaschemistry of hydrothermal systems and its influence on the surrounding water column
  • areal examinations of nitrogen fixation in surface waters


Employment history


Since 2007         Senior Scientist, Department Marine Chemistry, IOW, Germany
2004 – 2007       Research Assistant, IFM-GEOMAR,Germany
                              DFG-SPP 1144 “From mantle to ocean: energy-, material- and life-cycles at
                              spreading axes”
2003 – 2004       Research Assistant, IFM-GEOMAR,Germany
                              EU-project CRIMEA “Contribution of high-intensity gas seeps in the Black Sea to                               methane emission  to the atmosphere”
1994 – 1996       Industrial Manager, Nordpfeil GmbH, Geesthacht, Germany





2003 – 2006       PhD in Geology at the University of Kiel (IFM-GEOMAR), Germany
                              Title: “Submarine methane seepage in the Paleo Dnepr Area and Sorokin Trough                               and its influence on the Black Sea methane budget”
1996 – 2002       Diploma in Geology at the University of Hamburg, Germany
                              Title: “Lipid biomarkers for anerobic oxidation of methane at active and fossil                               methane seeps”

PI in the following projects

2016 – 2019       DFG SCHM 2530/7-1
“Bentho-pelagic transport of methanotrophic microorganisms via gas bubbles (Bubble Shuttle II)”
2015 – 2018       DFG SCHM 2530/5-1
                             Zooplankton associated Methane production (ZooM)”
2011 – 2013       DFG SCHM 2530/3
                              “Transport of methane oxidizing microbes from the sediment into the water column                               through gasbubbles (Bubble Shuttle)”
2011 – 2014       DFG SCHM 2530/2
                              “Aerobic und anaerobic turnover of methane in the water column of the central                               Baltic Sea (Gotland-Deep und Landsort-Deep)”
2008 – 2011       DFG SCHM 2530/1
                              DFG Priority Program 1144 "From mantle to the ocean: energy, material and life                               cycles on spreading axes” – “Release and transport of methane and helium at the                               Mid Atlantic Ridge"