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Monika Nausch - Teaching

  • Functional morphology of the organs,1977-1982, practical course, annually
  • Principles in Immunology, 1983 - 1991, seminar, annually
  • Field work in physical, chemical, biological oceanography on a research vessel, 1995 - 2009 (interdisciplinary internship, annually)
  • Main internship in biological oceanography, Microbiological part, 1995 - 2008, annually
  • Methods in Biological Oceanography, Microbiological part, 2004 -2008, lecture, annually
  • Main internship in biological oceanography: The function of bacteria in nutrient cycling , 2008 and 2009, Internship M7
  • Introduction in physical, chemical, biological oceanography (Nr. 14921), 2010- (interdisciplinary internship, annually)

Current fields of work

  • Phosphorus (P) sources for bloom formation of diazotrophic cyanobacteria
  • Mechanisms of regulation by filamentous cyanobacteria
  • Concentration and composition of dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP)
  • Effects of ocean acidification on phosphorus cycling
  • Characterization of P discharges from diffuse sources