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Monika Nausch - CV

1972-1976: Studies in Marine Biology and Fishery at Rostock University, Germany. Diploma thesis: “Investigation of sedimentation in the Darss Zingst Bodden Chain as contribution to an energy and matter balance”.
1976-1983: Scientific assistant at the Department of Biology, Rostock University. Doctoral thesis: “Experimental-ecological investigations of polychaete species in the Darss Zingst Bodden Chain” (1983).
1984-1992: Scientific assistant at the Institute for Immunology, Medical Faculty, Rostock University.
1986-1990: Postgradual studies: Immunology expert
1992- Senior scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Department marine Biology

Long-term stays abroad

April – July 1994: Marine Science Research Centre, Stony Brook/New York, USA

Current fields of work

  • Phosphorus (P) sources for bloom formation of diazotrophic cyanobacteria
  • Mechanisms of regulation by filamentous cyanobacteria
  • Concentration and composition of dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP)
  • Effects of ocean acidification on phosphorus cycling
  • Characterization of P discharges from diffuse sources