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Jen-Ping Peng - Publications

  • 2020
    • Peng, J.-P., P. Holtermann and L. Umlauf (2020). Frontal instability and energy dissipation in a submesoscale upwelling filament. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 50: 2017-2035, doi: 10.1175/jpo-d-19-0270.1
  • 2019
    • Doong, D.-J., J.-P. Peng and A. V. Babanin (2019). Field investigations of coastal sea surface temperature drop after typhoon passages. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 11: 323-340, doi: 10.5194/essd-11-323-2019 –open access–
  • 2018
    • Doong, D. J., J. P. Peng and Y. C. Chen (2018). Development of a warning model for coastal freak wave occurrences using an artificial neural network. Ocean Eng. 169: 270-280, doi: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2018.09.029